Interesting Places in the Area

In the vicinity of the ‘Mazurski Folwark’ you will find many interesting and worth visiting places. For our guests we have prepared the following interactive map, it is most convenient to use it in full window. Most of the points on the map can be ‘clicked’, then a link to the external description of the place will be displayed. Description in the map is in Polish, but please take a look at below the map, we have divided places into categories and added some information.

Mosty w Stańczykach

The most important places in our opinion in individual categories:

Category Description
Swimming pool Our favorite place (by the ‘Krzywa Kuta’ lake) is less than 10 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by bike. It is secluded, surrounded by forest, with a pier and clear water. However, it is not guarded, if it matters to you, then this type of bathing areas are located (here and here) by the ‘Gołdapiwo’ lake, 10-15km from our house.
Canals, locks Masuria is full of old hydrotechnical objects. The most interesting is the unfinished Masurian Canal, which was supposed to connect the Great Masurian Lakes with the Baltic Sea. Construction was eventually abandoned during World War II and was never resumed. It is worth visiting the locks ‘Leśniewo’, ‘Piaski (Guja)’, ‘Bajory’. The closest to the ‘Mazurski Folwark’ is the Przerwanki Lock on Sapina river. It is definitely best to visit it on a canoeing trip. By sailboat it is worth reaching two larger locks: Guzianki (Ruciane-Nida) and Karwik (Pisz).
World War II The largest concentration of Nazi bunkers is located in Mamerki, between Węgorzewo and Sztynort. With a little more time, you can go to the Wolf’s Lair, where the assassination attempt on Hitler took place. Near us (in Pozezdrze) there is Himmler’s bunker.
Sailing If You would like to spend a day on  a sailing expedition, you can charter with a helmsman in Róża Wiatrów in Węgorzewo, and as a route (with good wind) to cross the ‘Święcajty’ and ‘Mamry’ lakes to the Kietlice water station for lunch and return to the home port.
Monuments Many very interesting and diverse places: bridges in Stańczyki and Kiepojcie, pyramid in Rapa (although the nature in its vicinity is much more interesting), a swing bridge in Giżycko, the palace and chapel of the Lehndorff Family in Sztynort, a blown up bridge in Kruklanki. A little further we will find castles in Kętrzyn and Barciany.
Nature Beloved Borecka Forest (Borki, Lipowy Jar and Mazury reserves, bison farm), Romincka Forest, Oświn lake reserve, Łuknajno. Krutynia river and several other reserves in our vicinity.
Other Republic of Ściborsk (ecological settlement in the heart of Wild Masuria, trapper huts, dog sleds, Indian village), ski slope Piękna Góra, brine graduation tower in Gołdap