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We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions, before CONTACTING US, please check if they do not accidentally dispel any doubts. If you have a question about the availability of rooms at a given time, please look HERE, our availability calendar shows 100% current data, we use it ourselves.

Mazurski Folwark
What things are paid extra?2023-02-22T10:46:50+01:00

Bikes (except for people who have used public transport are free for them), a stable and bringing your own pets (we devote separate FAQ entry to pets), yoga. Guests have the option to collect (free of charge) wood for fireplaces or for a bonfire – or buy it from us for 25 PLN per bag. We also provide our washing machine and dryer (20 PLN) – as an alternative to hand washing and a line for linen in the orchard. Additional activities conducted by external companies are also paid, e.g. kayaking trips and beekeeping workshops. Our various nature workshops and tours are free of charge.

Is the use of the stable included in the price of the stay?2023-02-05T12:33:16+01:00

You can stay in the stable or help with the horses for free. However, riding lessons are conducted by a certified instructor and are charged separately. The prices depend on the type of lessons and their duration. More information can be found here.

Do You speak any other languages than Polish?2022-05-12T14:33:09+02:00

Yes, we do! We speak fluently English. We also know a bit of German (and our horse riding instructor speaks it very well) and Spanish.

Is specific apartment available and at what price?2022-05-12T14:33:40+02:00

This can be checked easily and quickly on our BOOKING form or AVAILABILITY calendar. We also use them when providing answers :) The availability of rooms and apartments is also visible on their INDIVIDUAL PAGES.

Can I order a meat / gluten-free / other diet?2022-05-12T14:33:53+02:00

The entire area of the ‘Masurski Folwark’ is a zone of fascination with nature. This love also manifests itself in our decision not to eat animals. In the dining room, apartments, by the bonfire – everywhere. We hope that our non-vegetarian guests will have the opportunity to see how amazing dishes can be prepared based on vegetable cuisine alone. And thanks to us, after returning home, they will try to reach for it more often :)

As for the various restrictions (e.g. due to allergies), please send us an inquiry with details. We do not hide that preparing meals separately for one person is a big challenge and is not always possible. We will definitely think together and try to find a solution!

Is there a lake with a bathing area nearby?2022-05-12T14:34:06+02:00

Of course, even a few! Our favorite place (at Lake Krzywa Kuta) is less than 10 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by bike. It is quiet, surrounded by forest, with a pier and clean water. However, it is not guarded, if it matters to you, this type of beach is located (here and here) at lake Gołdapiwo, 10-15 km from our house.

Are bikes available on site? Are they free?2022-07-08T15:12:33+02:00

Yes! We have 8 new good-class bikes, as well as 2 child seats and a few helmets for the little ones. HERE you will find all the information, including suggestions for bicycle routes. Bicycles are free of charge for guests traveling to us by public transport. We charge a fee for a bicycle service from other guests: 10 PLN per hour or 25 PLN per day.

Can I bring my own pet?2023-02-22T10:46:08+01:00

We would like to, but this is a complex problem and we will describe it in more detail. At our farm, every animal must feel safe. Visiting animals cannot pose a threat to our other pets (e.g. hens) and wildlife (e.g. amphibians). Cats must remain in the apartment at all times, or walk on a leash. Dogs can walk freely only if they are friendly towards other animals, guests and hosts. Dogs cannot be left alone in the apartments. In addition, our dog Tosia with age less and less tolerates the presence of other dogs and this year there were several ‘quarrels’ with the dogs of our guests. Taking all this into account, it is best to visit us without our own dogs, although we do not want to forbid it completely. Please clean up after your pupils. We charge an additional fee of PLN 20 for one dog / cat / rabbit per day (yes, rabbits visit us: o).

Are extra beds possible? In which rooms and apartments?2022-05-12T14:34:55+02:00

Double rooms (LONG-TAILED TIT and GOLDCREST are small and they do not fit extra beds. In the apartments for 4 people (TEAL, EAGLE OWL, BARN OWL) and 6-person apartments (CRANE and WHITE STORK) it is possible to accommodate more people (we have 3 mobile beds). Usually, in such situations, guests use the sofas located in the living rooms. Of course, young children can sleep with their parents on the same bed. We also have cribs for children, there is a separate FAQ entry about it.

Is it possible to add a crib for a small child?2022-05-12T14:34:58+02:00

Yes! We have as many as 5 cribs and it has not yet happened that all of them are used at the same time. Due to the small size of the double rooms (‘Long-tailed tit’ and ‘Goldcrest’), it is not possible to add a crib. We provide cribs free of charge.

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