Sapina is one of the most charming Masurian rivers. It is ideal for kayaking. It wanders slowly through changing landscapes and picturesque lakes. There is not much traffic, during the expedition we can enjoy the silence, wildlife and singing of birds. It is worth looking out for roe deer or moose. We often come across natural attractions, such as broken trees and branches, which may indicate the intensive work of local beaver families. The river has approx. 35 km long and 1 m deep.


In 1910, the Przerwanki lock was built on the river to pile up water on the ‘Gołdapiwo’ lake, so that a water reservoir was created for the needs of the Masurian Canal.

The organization of rafting is carried out by an external company, but we help our guests in the implementation of the entire expedition (more information, photos and route descriptions: Kayak Masuria, Sapina Kayaks, Kayaks Masuria). The price of a kayaking trip is 35-50 PLN / person. We offer 3 different routes, each of them is a several-hour trip. We especially recommend route No. 1, and more experienced kayakers a total of routes 1 and 2. Route No. 3 is more difficult, because most of it runs through the open space of Lake Gołdapiwo. A detailed description of the routes can be found HERE.

Route no. The beginning of the The end The length of the route
I Beach on Lake Pozezdrze Beach in Ogonki 12 km
Ii Przerwanki Lock Beach on Lake Pozezdrze 7 km
Iii Lake Gołdopiwo Przerwanki Lock 6 km

Here is an interactive map of the proposed routes on Sapina (it is most convenient to use it in the FULL WINDOW). Some descriptions are in Polish.

Sapina is not the only river worth rafting in our area, but for several reasons the most recommended by us. Gołdapa and Węgorapa are amazing, but less popular and in practice require their own kayak. Krutynia is a jewel of Masuria and we can help in organizing the rafting, but it will take approx. 1.5 hours.