Horse Lessons and Riding

Almost 20 horses live in our stable. They spend most time on green pastures, also during warm, summer nights. We are relaxed and reassured by being in their company. The horses are looked after by a certified instructor and our guests have the opportunity to take advantage of riding lessons under her supervision. Regardless of whether it is your first lesson or the hundredth, for each rider Ania will choose a horse suitable for his experience and size.

Nasze konie :)

Most of the classes take place in a fenced paddock, right next to the stable. Children will enjoy short walks on ponies around our farm. More advanced riders can count on field trips towards the Borecka Forest.

In Mazurski Folwark we also conduct hippotherapy classes for people of all ages: children and adults.

All horse classes are paid extra, prices depend on their type and duration:

  • lunge (15 min.) – 30 PLN
  • a walk on the back of a horse in the saddle (15 min.) – 30 PLN
  • ride on the yard (30 min.) – 40 PLN
  • ride on the yard (60 min.) – 70 PLN
  • ride in the yard , pass, valid for 2 months (10x 60 min.) – 650 PLN
  • individual training, with jumps (60 min.) – 150 PLN
  • individual training, without jumps (60 min.) – 100 PLN
  • group field trip (60 min.) – 100 PLN
  • individual field trip (60 min.) – 150 PLN
  • learning to saddle a horse – 10 PLN