Board games

We love board games! Basia explores Mars or builds a castle to the Mad King Louis. Przemek prefers to invest in railway companies and tries to outwit his rivals with a better network of tracks. We have over 100 games, light and fast – family or party, as well as large, strategic, where the game can last for several hours.

ogród zimowy

After each day full of adventures, there is an evening that is worth spending at the board. With friends, family… or with us! And sometimes the best holiday plans are spoiled by rain, then nothing beats the rich library of board games. The best place to play is our winter garden. You can also use the dining room.

Our full list of games can be found HERE. We believe that games teach, develop and at the same time allow you to spend time fantastically, deepening the bonds between people. We also made sure to have games for the youngest in our collection, from the age of 2. Each of them has some educational aspect, and at the same time the rules can be learned in 5 minutes. We will definitely help and explain each of them. Here is a list of games for kids: