Is there a beach near the Masurian Farm by the lake, where you can spend an amazing day with your family on a hot summer day?

By all means, even a few! Our favorite place (by Krzywa Kuta lake) is less than 10 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by bike. It is secluded, surrounded by forest, with a pier and clear water. However, it is not guarded, if it matters to you, then this type of bathing areas are located (here and here) above the Gołdapiwo lake, 10-15km from our house. If you care about the availability of various attractions (e.g. pedal boats, ice cream), then the best choice will be the municipal beach in Kruklanki. Here you will find a longer description.

The lakes are also part of the kayaking route on Sapina river. Usually, it is also possible to organize a day on the sailboats, e.g. using a rented boat and skipper in the port of Róża Wiatrów on Lake Święcajty.